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High quality 3D printed resin model.

Hundun 混沌 was semantically extended from a mythic "primordial chaos; nebulous state of the universe before heaven and earth separated" to mean "unintelligible; chaotic; messy; mentally dense; innocent as a child".

In modern Written Chinesehùndùn "primordial chaos" is 混沌, but Chinese classic texts wrote it either 渾沌—as in the Daoist classic Zhuangzi—or 渾敦 —as in the ZuozhuanHùn "chaos; muddled; confused" is written either hùn (; 'abundantly flowing; turbid water; torrent; mix up/in; confuse; thoughtless; senseless') or hún (; 'sound of running water; muddy; muddled; confused; dull; stupid'). These two are interchangeable graphic variants readable as hún (混; 'muddy; dirty; filthy' [a]) and hùn 渾 "nebulous; stupid" (hùndùn 渾沌). Dùn ("dull; confused") is written either dùn (; 'dull; confused; stupid') or dūn (; 'thick; solid; generous; earnest; honest; sincere').

Isabelle Robinet outlines the etymological origins of hundun.

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