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High quality 3D printed resin model.

The Jade Emperor (Chinese: 玉皇; pinyinYù Huáng or 玉帝, Yù Dì) in Chinese culturetraditional religions and myth is one of the representations of the first god (太帝 tài dì). In Daoist theology he is the assistant of Yuanshi Tianzun, who is one of the Three Pure Ones, the three primordial emanations of the Tao. He is also the Cao Đài ("Highest Power") of Caodaism known as Ngọc Hoàng Thượng đế. He is often identified with Śakra in Chinese Buddhist cosmology.[1] In Korean mythology he is known as Haneullim.[2]

The Jade Emperor is known by many names, including Heavenly Grandfather (天公, Tiān Gōng), which originally meant "Heavenly Duke", which is used by commoners; the Jade Lord; the Highest Emperor; Great Emperor of Jade (玉皇上帝, Yu Huang Shangdi or 玉皇大帝, Yu Huang Dadi).

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