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High quality 3D printed resin model.

Qiong Qi is a Winged Tiger, a highly valued ancient beast. At the start of his story, he's at the Second Xuan Qi layer. He agreed to be tamed by Lin Feng in order to fight against a Lei Yan Mao, a cat beast of the Tian Qi layer, which threatened to kill them both. After Lin Feng managed to acquire their freedom, Qiong Qi followed Lin Feng back to Yangzhou City and eventually to the Imperial City of Xue Yue.

However, when there was breakout from Tianya Haige, a small world connected to Xue Yue, Qiong Qi was possessed by Yan Di in the ruins of the Yun Hai Sect. After Lin Feng discovers this, he makes a deal with Yan Di, whereby Yan Di agrees to be Lin Feng's sidekick as they travel the world growing stronger[898].

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