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This fifth issue of our figure painting magazine is undoubtedly the most international of them all so far.

We think it has been worth the wait as we have found some new and high quality content. A little twist with which to learn new trends and techniques, coming from different corners of the globe, that manage to increase the level and knowledge of our readers.

We are back with step-by-step articles by internationally renowned artists who offer us works that are not usually found on our desks. In this way we want to open up new windows for the realisation of skins, OSL or scenes that are different from the ones we usually publish. In addition, we continue our conversations with top painters, opinion articles on the topics that motivate us and a review of the figure sector. We maintain the high quality and aesthetics of this publication, being at your disposal in English and Spanish so that your collection grows, trying as always to surpass the previous issue. Fans of fantasy, historical or science fiction figures have an unavoidable appointment with us in this new issue of our Tint Inc.

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)