Dark Rose Miniatures
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José David “Josedavinci” is one of the most talented painters nowadays, with an unstoppable career since he began as a professional painter in 2017.

In addition to making box arts for major brands, he is an excellent communicator and has become a reference for all hobbyists who follow his social networks or participate in his courses.

This special author set includes a personal selection of the 18 colors considered indispensable to paint a wide variety of miniatures with the best acrylic paint.

This set contains:

  • AK11004 Ivory
  • AK11029 Black
  • AK11036 Ice Yellow
  • AK11042  Volcanic Yellow
  • AK11048 Laser Yellow
  • AK11055 Sunny Skin Tone
  • AK11062 Old Rose
  • AK11075 Violet Red
  • AK11080 Deep Orange
  • AK11087 Scarlet Red
  • AK11096 Wine Red
  • AK11098 Black Red
  • AK11102 Deep Brown
  • AK11113 Chocolate (Chipping)
  • AK11119 Cork
  • AK11142 Deep Green
  • AK11167 Anthracite Grey
  • AK11182 Deep Blue
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