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The best publication for figure modelers ever created! Our new magazine features comprehensive articles written by the best figure painters from around the world who will teach you their tricks and techniques.

If you liked our Figure FAQ, you cannot miss the first issue of this new collection!

We promise you many surprises.

Editing director: Eduardo Fernández.


  • GERMANIC WARRIOR Guerrero Germano by Ernesto Reyes
  • THE LOOK OF A CHILD La mirada de un niño by Fabrizio Marini
  • US SAILOR (BATALLA DE MIDWAY) US Sailor (Batalla de Midway) by Eduardo Fernández
  • DOG TAG MODELS Dog Tag Models
  • PRESENT, PAST AND FUTURE Presente, pasado y futuro by Banshee
  • THE ARCHER La arquera by Marc Masclans
  • GOODNESS DEATH Goodness death by Kirill Kanaev
  • THE DUEL (GUILLIMAN vs ABADDON) El duelo (Guilliman vs Abaddon) by Josedavinci
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