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Introducing the da Vinci Brush Series 10 - the perfect tool for all artists who desire precision, quality and exceptional results. This brush is specially designed to work with waterborne paints, and thanks to its extra-long and strongly shaped shape, it allows you to achieve the finest details and gradients.

At the heart of this master brush are carefully selected Red Sable hairs, which are known for their exceptional elasticity and ability to create an extremely delicate tip. Thanks to these properties, you will be able to paint with incredible accuracy and ease, regardless of whether you are working on small details or large areas.
The ergonomically shaped short black polished hexagonal handle provides a comfortable and firm grip that reduces hand fatigue even during prolonged painting. Thanks to this, you can fully concentrate on your creation and let yourself be carried away by your creativity.
The Da Vinci Brush Series 10 is your faithful companion on the path to perfection. With this instrument in your arsenal, you can create the most breathtaking works of art that will amaze not only you, but also everyone around.
Key advantages of the da Vinci Brush Series 10:

Extra long and strongly shaped for precise details and subtle transitions
Carefully selected Red Sable hairs with exceptional elasticity and fine tip
Ergonomic hexagonal handle for a comfortable and firm grip
Ideal for working with waterborne paints
An indispensable tool for all artists who aspire to perfection

Don't wait and get the da Vinci Brush Series 10 today. Step on the path to artistic excellence and be inspired by the limitless possibilities this exceptional brush has to offer!

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)